Electronics Engineer
1. major at electronic engineering or equivalent background;

2. require for having knowledge of the effects of high and low frequency in electronic circuits, the principle of MCU control, familiar with EMC processing experience. 2 years of relevant industrial experience preferred.

3, skilled in uses of Protel, PADS, AUTOCAD software, familiar with OFFICE software required;

4, University graduate or equivalent educational background preferred.

MCU Engineer
1. have 2 to 5 years experience in microcontroller programming, understanding 8 to 32-bit microcontroller assembly language programming, and C language programming;

2. have experiences on electronic circuit design of a small household electronic devices, small signal measurement devices such as blood pressure meter, infrared temperature gun.

3. familiar with microcontroller assembly language programming preferred.

Senior Sales Engineer
1. Electronic related professional, college degree or above;

2. Familiar with electronic components, power supply IC, MCU, MOSFET sales;

3、Above three years sales experience in consumer electronics field.

Sales Engineer
1.electronic educational background;

2.Familiar with electronic components, power supply IC, MCU, MOSFET sales;

3. more than one year experience in sales of consumer electronics field;


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